In 2015 we...

amount of pay processed in 2015 - £1.4m+
number of texts messages sent in 2015 - 285,000+
Number of hours delivered in 2015 - 150,000+
Number of timesheets generated in 2015 - 49000+
Number of unique users in 2015 - 2250+
number of hours delivered per day on average in 2015 - 745

Make bookings easier...

Quickly and easily offer shifts to your staff using our SMS-based booking system which tracks staff responses and updates your calendar

Fly through timesheets and payroll

Our software creates and sends timesheets for you using your booking details including cost codes and budget codes

Always keep yourself above the law

Our software tracks document expiry dates and sends reminders proactively at key intervals allowing our customers to spend 83% less time chasing expiring documents

Easily analyse your performance

Generate useful management reports on any data held on the software so you have the concrete statistics you need to back up your work

What people say

  • “I realised immediately how it could help solve many of our administrative problems and I was very impressed by just how intuitive the whole system was. "
  • “It has freed-up so much of our time and I am much more content that only staff with up-to-date documentation are working for us. "
  • “I find Coaching Temp to be an extremely professional and vitally important piece of software that I could not see us being without now. "
  • “For payroll it really has made a huge difference… It has saved me so much time and effort. "
  • “It also ensures we keep a track of our staff’s expiring documents. Another thing we don’t need to worry about now. "

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